GREE – Amber Air Conditioner

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Available in one color 24,000btu, the Amber Series is equipped with the latest G10 inverter technology and a Wi-Fi operating system. With the double layer condenser and 3.5 energy efficiency ratio, the Amber Series provides up to 60 percent energy saving.

The AMBER model comes in a range of 24,000BTU which is capable to go up to 31,000BTU on cooling and 34,000BTU on heating


  • 5W STAND BY: when stand-by it only consumes 0.5w.
  • COLD PLASMA FILTER: GREE Cold Plasma Cleaning technology is based on a capable ionizer. The ionizer neutralizes 90% of the bacteria, has deodorant properties but also charges the atmosphere with negative ions, for a special sense of freshness.
  • AUTO CLEAN (X-Fan): Cross fan continues blowing to dry inside of indoor unit after switching off the unit, so as to keep clean and healthy.
  • INTELLIGENT DEFROSTING: Maximize warm comfort with shorter defrosting time. Traditional defrosting works by setting time. Example: defrosting is only performed when needed, which reduces energy waste by eliminating the unnecessary defrosting process.
  • 8OC HEATING: the 8 degrees function maintains the room temperature steadily at 8 degrees.
  • COMFORTABLE SLEEP CURVES: the fan adjusts the flaps movement automatically.
  • COLD AIR PREVENTION: this feature is to prevent cold air blowing into a room when unit is first turned on or after defrosting the indoor fan will remain off until the indoor coil reaches the desired room temperature setting.
  • TIMER: the timer causes the ac to start or stop working at specific times.
  • ‘TURBO’ BUTTON: by pressing the Turbo button you increase the air flow in the room.
  • SELF-DIAGNOSIS: the units show error code automatically to the facilitate maintenance when it doesn’t work well.
  • DEHUMIDIFIER: This feature reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air.
  • INTELLIGENT AUTO: When the power is off and then on, the unit automatically restores the previous function setting.
  • AUTO RESTART: Auto clean Function will prevent growth of harmful micro-organisms by eliminating the moisture inside of the indoor unit.
  • WIFI: With the WIFI Function you can turn the unit on with your smart phone when you are in another location.